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Sun 9th October 2016, 12:48

Week 5 pre-season ski fitness program

SnoworksGap Pre Course Fitness Programme


Your penultimate week is here! How did you find the training last week? Some of it I know was pretty brutal but that training in the lactic acid threshold will benefit you a lot for when you get out on the mountains! The ability to sustain your body in good and efficient positions will enhance your performance greatly plus allow you to ski for longer!

A similar week this week to last with an added challenge which I think you will enjoy! Get yourselves on Instagram (if you have an account) and tag @snoworksgap with your progress and particularly the results of this week’s challenge! It would be great to see how everyone get’s on.

As you all get closer to your journey and experience with Snoworks Gap, I would like to revert you back to Week one of this process and have you reflect on what you have achieved since then. How do you feel after the last month as you prepare for the course? Did you set any goals for your intended outcomes of the process and what you wanted to achieve? With your targets and goals the journey is ever changing which you will need to adapt to – just like the terrain we love so much. So when you experience the ups, enjoy them and celebrate them. When you are faced with difficulties and obstacles of the journey do not be disheartened but encouraged and open to learning to then be better prepared for next time - persevere.

Have an amazing week!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

“The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.” – Mal Pancoast


With much research I came across a very interesting and informative video in regards to the hip mobility and internal and external rotations of the legs at the hips. It is a good indicator in to any weaknesses you may have in your hip range of movements showing the resistance you may have in areas when performing these; for example if you were to sit cross legged…then try switching your legs around – it feels strange right? So we want to train our body to be balanced, strong and comfortable on both sides. If you have an asymmetrical squat or imbalance in either your left or right ski turn this will help towards better alignment and ability to strengthen those areas. It would be useful, if you are able to, to do this in front of a mirror or even video yourself to assess and see if you can notice any differences in your left or right side.

So I recommend that you try to incorporate some of these moves or the entire routine either on their own in the morning/evening or as part of your warm up. You can find the video at this link:

Also, there are many other videos out there teaching and informing about hip mobility and the various ways to release tension, stretch and strengthen; so feel free to have a research yourselves. It is very important, with the amount of skiing that you will be doing on the course and also the amount I am sure you plan to do beyond it, to remain mobile in the hips, and body for that matter. So making good habits and routines now of stretching and mobility work will benefit you in the long run.


The famous “Sally Up Sally Down” song has been used for a vast number of fitness exercises, the primary one being the push up. I would like YOU to do it for the Walking Hands plank. Put this song on and see how long you can last! If you are able to film it, take a photo or maybe even get a few others to do it with you for a little competition then go for it! Let me know how you get on or tag an Instagram post with @snoworksgap and @stephaniemblaise. I will be doing mine too! Good luck!

  • Sally up - Walking Hands Plank


  1. Lateral Band Walks 3 x 10 Left and Right
  2. Low Squat Walks 3 x 20: Rest 30secs.
  3. BOX Squat – Full, Left Leg Right Leg 3 x 10 (1 rep = all 3); Rest 45secs
  4. Band Push up 3 x 15 & Band Row in Squat Hold 3 x 15; Rest 45secs
  5. Glute Hip Bridge, feet on raised surface 3 x 15; Rest 45secs
  6. Single leg deadlift into single leg Squat 3 x 6; Rest 45secs
  7. Tricep Dips – 3 x 12; Rest 45secs
  8. Step up, reverse lunge - Advanced: add med ball above head. 3 x 10 each leg; Rest 45secs
  9. Slow Cross Elbow tap Mountain Climbers, push back into Downward dog, Build up from 1 elbow tap to 5. 3 rounds, Rest 45secs
  10. Leg Extension Russian Twist – as you rotate the weight with the arms, extend your legs out. Bring your legs back in as you return the ball to centre. 3 x 20; Rest 45secs.


  1. Slalom Jumps - 3 x 20, 1 minute rest
  2. Lateral Step up, slowly lower (3secs or longer), curtsy lunge - 3 x 8-10 each leg, Rest 1 minute
  3. Wide squat jumps Jacks - 3 x 20 (10 forward and 10 backwards; 5 x quick / 5 x slow hold at the bottom), Rest 1 minute
  4. Single leg Reaches 3 x 5 rounds (4 reaches = 1 round) each leg, Rest 45secs
  5. Banded High knees on spot 3 x 30 secs, Rest 45 secs
  6. Slalom agility -  3 x 4 rounds (set up 10 markers and weave in and out between them in quick side steps: 1 round = there and back) Rest 45secs
  7. Front Plank opposite arm and leg lifts 3 x 30secs, Rest 30secs
  8. Banded Mountain Climbers – 3 x 30secs; Rest 30secs
  9. Med Ball Woodchops (Right to Left) 3 x 30secs; Rest 30secs
  10. Med Ball Woodchops (Left to Right) 3 x 30secs; Rest 30secs


  1. Core Routine

            Bear Crawls – 3 x 20 Forward and Backwards; Rest 30secs

Crab Crawls – 3 x 20 Left and Right; Rest 30secs

Hamstring Walkouts, 2 x knee to opposite elbow taps – 3 x 12; Rest 30secs

Lateral Med ball Wall Throws (Left) – 3 x 20; Rest 30secs

Lateral Med ball Wall Throws (Right)– 3 x 20; Rest 30secs



Complete each exercise in order before moving on to the next. Complete the 50 reps in as little time as possible and as few sets. For example 5 sets of 10, or 2 sets of 25…or just as many as you can until you need a quick breather!

  1. Box jump x50
  2. Push ups x50
  3. Lateral jump lunges x50
  4. Ski Thrusters x50
  5. Squats x50
  6. Med Ball Slams x50


3 sets of 30 secs Work, 30 secs Rest. 1 minute rest between exercise change.

  1. Band Stiff Leg Deadlift
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. Lunge Forward and Backwards (15secs each leg)
  4. Band Bent over Row
  5. Swiss Ball Leg Curls
  6. Plank Hot Hands/Dumbbell Row
  7. Side Lunges (left and right continuous)
  8. Full Body Crunch
  • Finisher - EMOM: Every minute on the minute = 10 x Burpees

At the start of every minute you perform 10 Burpees in a row. You then rest for the remainder of the minute until the next minute begins when you then perform another 8. The quicker you perform the 10 reps then the longer rest you get for the rest of the minute. When you start to tire it will take longer for you to do the 10 reps and therefore your rest will get shorter until you can no longer perform 10 in a minute.

So, how many minutes can you go for?!


If you have time then see if you can include another session of the hill sprints or a cardio session of your choice.

Incline Sprints – brilliant for power and strength in the lower body, plus I guarantee you will feel it in your core if you run hard driving those knees up! If you aren’t able to do these outside or live in a very flat area, you can perform these on a treadmill too (30-45 seconds recovery in between sprints).

  1. Find yourself an incline (hill/slope) of increased gradient.
  2. Sprint for 15 seconds on the incline
  3. Walk back to the bottom for recovery
  4. REPEAT 8 - 12 times
  5. Run at a low intensity for 10-15 minutes
  6. Stretch 

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