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Sun 2nd October 2016, 20:08

Week 4 pre-season ski fitness program

SnoworksGap Pre Course Fitness Programme


Half way through the process and how are we doing? I hope you had a great week with your training and preparations!

Within this week’s training strategy I have put together some longer stages of working periods to develop your strength endurance in particular – endure and embrace the burn! Within skiing, it is important to ensure we have not only the aerobic capacity to endure those long hard runs but also the strength endurance to maintain technique and allow adaptability to our terrain as we ski. Some of our runs can last a significant amount of time, so the longer we can endure the build-up of lactic acid in our legs in particular, the longer we can then perform with desired technique and also prevent injuries.

In addition to these workouts set, do add in some Aerobic training as and when you can be it running, cycling, skipping – whichever you have access to and also enjoy. If you are short for time you can structure the sessions to get the same benefits in less time. Metabolic conditioning involves having training intervals of low and high intensity. The low intensity is for your endurance and the high intensity is for your power and speed. By combining these two together in one session you work both simultaneously which are of equal importance in Skiing. So for example, if you have just 20minutes you do 30 seconds running at 90% intensity followed by 2 minutes running at 65% intensity which would be a total of 8 intervals. This puts demands on the body to utilise it’s different energy systems, all the while getting you fitter and stronger. It also translates more appropriately to the slopes with the ever changing speeds and style of runs we ski. So play around with the intervals, they can be shorter or longer depending on the time you have. Remember to ensure you get adequate rest before your higher intensity interval to ensure you can continue to work at the higher intensity for the duration of the session.

There will be videos for all the exercises involved in this week’s training on YouTube. So if you are unsure of any of the techniques then just head to this link to have a watch.

Have an awesome week and I look forward to catching up with in the penultimate week with some fun new challenges! Also don’t forget you can contact me with any questions you have at or head over to my Instagram page @stephaniemblaise!

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there” Vince Lombardi


Lower Body Combinations:

  1. Squats into Squat Jumps
  2. (Left) Bulgarian split squat into Bulgarian Split squat power up
  3. (Right) Bulgarian split squat into Bulgarian Split squat power up
  4. (Left) Side lunge into Left Skater jumps
  5. (Right) Side Lunge into Right Skater jumps

Round 1 – 2 mins continuous work – split in to 4 x 30 seconds each. Rest 2 minutes between each combination

Round 2 – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, each combination straight through to the end.

Core Circuit – 3 Rounds, 30 seconds work, 15 seconds Rest. 1 minute rest after each round

  1. Med Ball Woodchops (Right to Left)
  2. Med Ball Woodchops (Left to Right)
  3. Prone bench leg lifts
  4. V sit Diagonal leg crunch
  5. Full body crunch


Perform this circuit in the order shown, completing 1 before moving on to 2 etc.

Odd numbers: Supersets - do together with 30 seconds rest before set 2. Perform with good technique and quality every rep.

Even numbers: Continuous as many as you can in 60 seconds!

Complete 2 Rounds!

  1. Banded Row & Banded Push ups - 2 x 20 reps
  2. Lateral bench step overs - 60 seconds
  3. Banded Stiff legged Deadlift & Glute Bridges - 2 x 20 reps
  4. Mountain Climbers - 60 seconds
  5. Swiss ball leg curls & Swiss ball Ab rollouts - 2 x 20 reps
  6. Double side step touches - 60 seconds
  7. Walking Lunges & Med ball Oblique slams - 2 x 20 reps
  8. Wall squat hold with med ball - 60 seconds



  1. Left Leg – 2 sets, 12 reps
  1. Single leg squats – touch with both hands as low as you can
  2. Single leg deadlift
  3. Single leg glute bridge


  1. Right Leg – 2 sets, 12 reps
  1. Single leg squats – touch with both hands as low as you can
  2. Single leg deadlift
  3. Single leg glute bridge


  1. Plank - for a challenge put your feet on Swiss ball - 20 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, complete 3 rounds
  1. Hold
  2. Tap one foot to floor by side and return
  3. Jacknife knees - rolling ball towards chest


  1. Lie with upper back on SB, arms to side, lift hips up in line with body ‘table top’ - 20 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, complete 3 rounds
  1. Lateral offset moves - maintain table top position, move as far as you can side to side.
  2. Alternate foot lifts and hold – maintain table top position, slowly step feet off the floor.
  3. Lateral torso twists – arms up in front, palms together, rotate torso so arms are horizontal to the floor keeping feet on the floor and hips straight.


  1. Choose one form of Cardio and complete 5 rounds of 30sconds Work and 30seconds Rest.

Either - Run, Skip, Stationary Bike, Burpees



Plyometrics, Balance and Core – ensure time, technique and quality are of importance here.

  1. 180º Squat Jumps – 3 sets of 20 seconds, Rest 1 minute between each set
  2. Single leg Hops - 3 sets of 8 reps each leg, Rest 30 seconds between each leg and 1 minute between each set
  3. Step back torso twist (Med Ball or Band) - 3 sets of 30 seconds, Rest 30 seconds between each set
  4. Bench Bunny Hops - 3 sets of 30 seconds, Rest 1 minute between each set. Go for height and/or speed with these maintaining weight over hands and limited movement of upper body
  5. Swiss Ball balance on knees - Work to your maximum hold. If comfortable then for an extra challenge hold a Med Ball. You can then try passing it around your torso.
  6. Side Plank Hip lifts – 3 sets of 20 seconds each side
  7. Side Plank Leg Lift Knee crunch – 3 sets of 20 seconds each side. Lift your top leg away from you bottom leg and bring your knee to your elbow.
  8. Plank Hand Walks – 3 sets of 20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds between sets


Incline Sprints – brilliant for power and strength in the lower body, plus I guarantee you will feel it in your core if you run hard driving those knees up! If you aren’t able to do these outside or live in a very flat area, you can perform these on a treadmill too (30-45 seconds recovery in between sprints).

  1. Find yourself an incline (hill/slope) of increased gradient.
  2. Sprint for 15 seconds on the incline
  3. Walk back to the bottom for recovery
  4. REPEAT 8 - 12 times
  5. Run at a low intensity for 10-15 minutes
  6. Stretch


  • Continue with your mobility challenges of the low squat and crow pose. See how long you can hold them for.
  • If you are able to hold the low squat position without any exterior aids then start working to raise your arms straight up above you as if you were doing an overhead squat
  • If your flexibility needs some improvement (like mine forever does!) then you can make use of the bands to help. For example, to get a deeper hamstring stretch - wrap the band around your foot, lying on your back bring your leg towards you by pulling on the band. Relax and breathe in the stretch and hold for 30 seconds. 



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