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Mon 26th September 2016, 07:49

Week 3 ski specific fitness program

SnoworksGap Fitness Programme

Week 3

Can you believe we are already coming to the end of September and you all are now just a month away from the awesome GAP course!? How did your training go with week two of the programme? I hope you enjoyed it and found the new exercises challenging.

We continue this week with Strength Endurance, Core Strength, Balance, Plyometrics and some Metabolic (aerobic and anaerobic) Conditioning. Spread the sessions throughout the week including two active recovery rest days with mobility, maybe a light run or a long walk – whatever you can incorporate in to your day.

This week incorporates a lot of work with the resistance bands (small and long versions). As I have mentioned before, these pieces of equipment are very versatile and add resistance to many exercises. They are particularly beneficial for developing your abductor and adductor strength (inside and outside of your thighs) along with knee stability. If you find that your knees have a tendency to collapse inwards forming the classic “A frame”, which is more common in females due to the pelvic positioning, then using the bands in exercises such as squats will really help prevent this happening.

If you have access to a gym and would like to incorporate more resistance and strength training then feel free to contact me and I can put together a weights session for you. Otherwise have another great week, train hard, stay focused and Enjoy!

‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ Neale Donald Walsch

Plyometrics, Balance, Agility & Core

Warm up 5-10mins

Skipping, high knees, heel flicks, walking lunges, side lunges, high skips, Jump Jacks

~ Rest 45secs between sets, 90secs before the next exercise ~

  1. Sprinter jumps – 2 x 12 each leg - band around waist and stationary post behind you
  2. Explosive side lunges – 2 x 12 each leg - band around waist and stationary post beside you
  3. Explosive forward lunge – 2 x 12 each leg - band around waist and stationary post behind you
  4. Band Squats with alternate side step – 3 x 20 – Band just below knees
  5. Box jumps: Jump up / land / jump down (band optional) = 1 rep – 3 x 10
  6. Ladders – 5 x 30secs/30secs (work/rest)

if you don’t have access to ladders you can just imagine squares on the floor J

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Back Extensions
  3. Bicycle Crunch
  4. Swiss Ball Rollouts

20sec WORK : 10sec REST

         Exercise order:

  • 1 / 1 & 2 / 1 & 2 & 3 / 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 = 5 mins
    • 1 min rest
  • 4 & 3 & 2 & 1 / 4 & 3 & 2 / 4 & 3 / 4 = 5 mins

STRENGTH with bands

Lower Body - All exercises 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

  1. Band Deadlift - wrap the band around your feet, hip width apart, and hold on to the bands, shoulders back and hinge up from your hips. Slowly lower down
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat – band around front knee and stationary object on the outside, lower down keeping knee in line against the pull of the band
  3. Swiss Ball Prone Leg lifts & Clam press – 1 rep = 1 of each. Lie on the Swiss ball with hands on the floor in front for support, lift legs up straight then bend knees with feet together and press up.
  4. Band Glute bridge – band around knees, raise hips up, squeeze glutes, press out knees against the band, return to centre and lower back down.
  5. Bench Prone Leg tucks -  lie face down from your hips up on bench holding yourself down with your hands, tuck knees under and straighten out behind (do not touch the floor)
  6. Nordic Curls – on your knees with your feet secured/weighted down, lower down forward as slowly and controlled until you have to put your hands out for landing. Push back up to starting position.

CORE FINISHER30 secs Work, 10 secs Rest, 4 Rounds

  1. Oblique Med Ball slams, Band around knees
  2. Plank band side steps, put around ankles
  3. Back Extensions alternate arm and leg raise keep band around ankles for extra resistance

Shuttles and Core

Set up a 25m distance to run – you will sprint 25m and then with a sharp turn, sprint back to the start and complete a number of Burpees starting with one and building up to 10. Then you will work back down to 1 with switching Burpees for Get ups.

Time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete!

Sprint 25m x2 – 1x Burpee 

Sprint 25m x2 – 2x Burpees

Sprint 25m x2 – 3x Burpees

… … …

Sprint 25m x2 – 10x Burpees

1 minute rest

Sprint 25m x2 – 10x Get ups

Sprint 25m x2 – 9x Get ups

… … …

Sprint 25m x2 – 1x Get up

~Rest 3 mins~

Each set of these is a continuous movement through the exercises 1 through to 4. Rest 1 minute before the next round 

  1. Front plank
  2. Side plank L
  3. Reverse Plank
  4. Side plank R
  1. 1 to 4, - 45sec each
  2. 1 to 4 - 30sec each
  3. 1 to 4 - 15sec each

            1min rest

  1. 4 to 1 - 15sec each
  2. 4 to 1 - 30sec each
  3. 4 to 1 - 45secs each

STRENGTH with bands

Upper Body - All exercises 3 sets of 15-20 reps

  1. Band Lat Pull down – band attached above, grip with both hands and pull down to chest engaging up back and elbows by your side
  2. Band Bent Over Row –stand on and inside the band, hinge forward at the hips over your feet and pull band towards you, elbows tight to your sides.
  3. Band Shoulder press – stand on band, hold with both hands and raise above head, slowly lower down.
  4. Band Chest press - band attached to stationary object, hold with both hands and press in front of you and back to start.
  5. Tricep Dips – bands around wrists
  6. Push ups -  bands around wrists

Core FINISHER - 30 secs Work, 10 secs Rest, 4 Rounds

  1. Banded Mountain climbers - feet looped in the band, wrapped around stationary object. In a plank position, run your feet in towards your chest.
  2. Dolphin plank – in an elbow plank, push back with your hips towards the sky (like a downward dog) and back to the plank position
  3. Med ball wall throws  - standing square on in front of a wall, throw the ball from your right side to land in front of you on the wall, catch and bring to your left side and repeat.

HIIT and Balance


  • 1 minute: Run OR Skipping OR High Knees
  • 20 x Squats (band around knees)
  • 20 x Squat jumps (band around knees)
  • 20secs Squat Hold (band around knees)
  • 1 minute: Run OR Skipping OR High Knees
  • 20 x Swiss Ball hands to feet passes
  • 20 x Back extensions
  • 20secs Plank

>Repeat 3 more times<

  • Single leg Deadlifts: 3 x 12 each leg – band row optional. Holding the band with opposite hand to standing leg, highe forward at the hips and extend leg back to be horizontal to the floor, return to standing, driving knee up (don’t put your foot down) and row the band towards you. Repeat.
  • Swiss Ball Kneeling5 mins total working time. Try and challenge your balance by adding an object to hold and move around your body.
  • Supermans: 3 x 12 each sideon all 4’s, extend one arm and the opposite leg out away from the body and hold for 3 seconds. Return to start position and extend the other arm and leg. If this is easy and you can complete 10 on each side- progress to being on your hands and feet!


Continue with your Low Squat Sit and Calf Stretching. Now introduce the following in to your routine. Ensure you progress slowly in to this position and you are aware of your wrist positioning.

  • Crow / Bakasana

Build up slowly to this balancing strength move. Depending on your current mobility and flexibility you can place a piece of equipment under your heels such as weight plate. Bring your knees close in to your arms/armpits and gradually have your weight over your hands (ensuring you stack your shoulders above your wrists). Lift one foot at a time and hold for 5-10 seconds. Once you become really comfortable with a single foot lift from you floor then you can start to try and raise both feet off the floor. This is great for core, shoulder and wrist strength plus overall body awareness.

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