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Mon 17th October 2016, 05:46

Pre Skiing fitness program week 6

SnoworksGap Pre Course Fitness Programme


Welcome to your final week of ski fitness preparation before you venture on to the awesome Snoworks Gap Course. I know how excited you must be right now and so you should be as it is truly a brilliant course! I guarantee you are going to enjoy every element of it.

Now being the final week you will of course be fitting in your training around your preparations so do what you can when you can. There are 3 sessions and then the re-testing to be done at the end. By repeating these tests which you did in week 1 you will be able to compare the differences in results, have time to reflect and look ahead to the benefits this preparation will have had towards the next 2 months. I am very interested to know how you have found the last six weeks of training and also how you got on with your results of the tests, so if you are able to do drop me an email.

I hope that you have enjoyed the last 6 weeks of this pre-season ski fitness programme for the SnoworksGap course and you that you will take away positive elements and ideas to continue to incorporate in you training and routines. If you ever have any questions or would like to get in contact in regards to fitness, nutrition or anything about the GAP course itself then feel free to contact me at or Instagram @stephaniemblaise.

All the best SnoworksGap Class of 2016!

“Ability is what gives you the opportunity; Belief is what gets you there.” ~ Apollo

“Success is an attitude, a mindset, a decision, a commitment, a promise. A belief is that it can be done, should and will be done.” ~ George Akomas Jr.


Indulge in your mobility and stretching this week! A great habit to keep up for sure…

We want to reduce the risk of injuries and remain supple. You will for sure want to be feeling fresh and ready for when you arrive and all the fun starts. It can be short to fit in to your daily routines such as 10 minutes after you wake up or just before you go to bed, or a long session purely of mobility and flow - so have a loosen up those big muscle groups in particular.

It is also always good and important to stretch off after your training sessions to maintain your personal flexibility and ensure better recovery afterwards. To note, avoid doing long holds of static stretching before you train as these are better done at the end when your muscles are warm plus it is a relaxing way to end. Dynamic movements and mobility are to be done before the training session to ensure they are loosened but not overly stretched which would decrease their ability to contract and perform as efficiently. 

Have a personal review of your mobility movement challenges we have looked at over the weeks including the Low squat Hold, Calf flexibility (wall stretch) and Crow pose.


Lateral Band Walks - 3 x 10 each way

Stiff leg Deadlifts (Bands) - 4 x 12; Rest 45secs

Bulgarian Split Squats – 3 x 15 each leg; Rest 45secs

Glute hip Bridges – 3 x 15; Rest 45secs

Step back torso twists – 3 x 45secs; Rest 45secs

Back extensions – 3 x 15; Rest 30secs

Lateral Mountain Climbers – 3 x 30secs; Rest 45secs

Full Body Crunch – 3 x 15; Rest 30secs


Grab a DECK OF CARDS for some … unpredictability, surprise and fun!

Make your way through a pack with each card being the following:

  • CLUBS – Push Ups
  • SPADES - Reverse Lunge
  • DIAMONDS – Tricep Dips
  • HEARTS – Squats (…because we all love squats!)
  • JACK – Mountain Climbers
  • QUEEN - Plank
  • KING - Skaters
  • ACE – Burpees (…because they are ace!?)

Number cards = Numbers of reps for the exercise.

Royals and Ace = Perform for 20 seconds.

Time yourselves for the entire pack and see how you get on! Enjoy!


  1. Lower Body Plyometrics
  1. Squat Jumps 3 x 10, Rest 45 seconds
  2. Jump Down from Box (land 2 feet) 3 x 10, Rest 45 seconds
  3. Lateral Squat Jumps 3 x 10, Rest 45 seconds


  1. Upper Body:
  1. Band Row in Low squat - 3 x 10, Rest 45 seconds
  2. Band Shoulder Press - 3 x 10, Rest 45 seconds
  3. Band Press up - 3 x 10, Rest 45 seconds


  1. Core Supersets: 1 minute work (30secs each exercise) –
  1. Plank & Superman; 3 sets; Rest 30secs
  2. Side Plank & Russian Twist; 3 sets; Rest 30secs
  3. Full Body Crunch & Prone Bench Leg lifts; 3 sets; Rest 30secs


It is time to see how you have improved over the last 6 weeks by re taking the tests we did from week 1. Six weeks is a good length of time to develop changes with consistency in training. There may be areas that you have improved more than others and some maybe are the same; it is a time to reflect in the journey you have just been on.

  1. Plank – MAX time
  2. 30m and 100m Sprint – Time
  3. Push ups – MAX in a minute
  4. Broad Jump
  5. Vertical Jump
  6. Burpees – MAX in a minute
  7. 1 mile run (separate time to the others)


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Snoworks Gap is an amazing course to do. All the instructors are amazing skiers and teachers, who have such a passion for what they do, that they really help get you through the exams. You are taught to do more than just ski, you learn how to teach effectively and also how to service your skis. D... Eleanor Whittaker BASI 1 & 2 2016 (Read More...)

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