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Thu 9th June 2016, 16:55

Why not ski in the summer too?

Why not snow ski in the summer?

No sooner have you hung up your ski boots and taken out the flip-flops or cycling shoes, depending on how your summers roll, you get bombarded with emails, Facebook, Tweets and links about skiing, booking early, powder of last year and more! And let’s all be honest here, when we’re asked the question “What do you do in the summer”? With a cheeky grin we reply with “Get ready for next winter”!

So here is a quick low-down of the options for you to consider;-

  • Summer might not be the time skiing is at the forefront of your mind, but your fitness plan and goals can be ski focussed to put you in the perfect position to have a blinding season, or be ready to smash those exams.  We at SnoworksGAP know only too well the importance of dry land training; get that bike & swiss ball out folks! “SKIING AND CYCLING” – THE PERFECT MARRIAGE
  • Ski in the Snowdomes, snow centres and dry ski slopes of the UK, again this is a fantastic way to keep your level topped up, practice new skills and drills, or even work on your mogul skiing. All for very little cost and with guaranteed good weather! 1-Day bumps courses
  • Ski the Southern hemisphere. Now if you have more time and deeper pockets, or goals to achieve higher qualifications, train for exams and races then New Zealand and Chile offer fantastic skiing and training facilities throughout July & August.
  • Closer to home of course the European glaciers offer incredible training conditions, with the winter we have just had they are all going to be in incredible conditions, my favourites are Tignes & Hintertux. The added joy of European summer glacier skiing is it’s 2 holidays in 1! Train on snow in the morning, leaving the afternoon for anything from leisurely sun bathing right up to white water rafting, Mountain biking and more!

Current European glacier conditions courtesy of our good friends at Summer skiing courses this July in Tignes

So with so many options to deter you from the book reading do nothing summer holiday why not join me, grab your ski boots and ski in the summer! We hope to see you in a Snowdome or on the glacier with us soon!

Lee TOWNEND Ski Courses Director

Snoworks GAP & PRO. BASI I.S.T.D and trainer



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