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Mon 19th September 2016, 07:15


SnoworksGap Pre Course Fitness Programme


Hey! So, how are we all as we move on to week 2 of the programme? I hope you enjoyed the first week and were also challenged with the training. I would love to know how you found it so do feel free to email me with any comments and questions you have. I am also very active on my Instagram with lots of fitness posts so have a look if you’re interested - @stephaniemblaise.

You should all have managed to complete the testing and noted down your scores for each one – keep these safe for future comparison at the end of these 6 weeks to see your improvements.

This week there will be four main workouts to complete. Two will continue to focus on working your strength and power. A High Intensity Interval Circuit of bodyweight exercises for conditioning and working against that “burn” (the lactic acid build up!). Finally, a combined session of plyometrics, agility and core exercises. This should be rather enjoyable with some great challenges and personal competition working against weaknesses and trying out potentially new movements.

***If you have access to a GYM then by all means go ahead and use the equipment you have available to add resistance to the exercises. For example, with your squats you can use a squat rack or a smith machine; hold a dumbbell during step ups or use cables for your rows. Ensure that you have good form before adding too much weight - time under tension (tempo) will activate and engage the muscle appropriately***

Within skiing, it is important to have strength and alignment from the hips to the knees and through to the ankles. We want to be able to flex and extend with the ever changing terrain without the knees collapsing in or the inability to flex the ankles in to the boot causing our weight to sit too far back. Therefore I have got two mobility exercises which I would like you to work on in order to see you current mobility and positioning. There are some informative videos with these for you to gain a better understanding. Please be gradual with your training of these and don’t push further than you need to. This is an area that is very individual so be patient and persevere.

In addition to the sessions I have written for you, I would again recommend getting some cardiovascular/endurance training in when you can, be it a long run, a cycle, a spin class; whichever you have access to. With these, select working towards gaining distance or beating personal times. Feel free to contact me for any advice with this.

So have another great week, work hard in your training and enjoy!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Strength – Lower Body and Core

  1. Band walks 3x10 Left and 3x10 Right  (to activate the glutes before squatting)
  2. Squat (with band) 4x10 (1min rest between sets) Tempo 3010
  3. Forward & Backward lunge (add rotation to increase difficulty) 3x8 each leg  (1 rep is both forward & back)
  4. Swiss Ball leg curl 3x10 (slow and controlled)
  5. Side step ups 3x8 each leg  (Lower down SLOWLY)
  6. Stiff Leg Deadlifts (with Band) 3x10. Tempo 3020
  7. Dish hold 5x10 seconds, 1xMAX

Arch hold 5x10 seconds, 1xMAX

  1. FINISHER continuous work for 3 mins!

Side step overs on bench 3x30secs

Front Plank 3x30secs

Complete ALL exercises with good form and intensity. Complete each in the order set with a short recovery before the next exercise (don’t indulge too much in your rest!).    

Strength – Upper Body and Core

  1. Pull ups (supine grip) – (with band assistance or Jump up Negatives) 3x8

Band Shoulder Press 3x12. Tempo 3010

  1. Band row 3x12. Tempo 3010

Press ups 3x12

  1. Opposite Back step Upper body Twists (Med ball) 3x10 each side

Lying Leg lift 3x15

  1. Plank Hand walks 3x30 seconds

Back extensions 3x15

  1. FINISHER continuous work for 3 mins!

Hamstring Walkouts to Tricep Press ups 3x30secs

Med Ball Slams 3x30secs

All exercises are set in pairs (supersets). You rest for 45seconds AFTER the second exercise of the pair. This creates a higher intensity through the session with less rest, keeping the heart rate high and gaining cardiovascular and muscular benefits.


Plyometrics, Agility and Balance

  1. SB all fours balance Total Work time 5mins (stop timer every time you touch the floor) Try to get just on your knees
  2. Single leg deadlift 3x8 each side, Rest 30secs
  3. SB seated balance Total Work time 5 mins (stop timer every time your foot touches the floor)
  4. Single leg ‘3 route’ toe reaches 3x8 each leg, Rest 30secs
  5. V sit hold and crunch 3x 20-30 seconds, Rest 30secs
  6. Single leg opposite toe touch squat 3x8 each side1x8 eyes closed, Rest 30secs in between
  7. Cones – side step touch 4 x Work 30seconds, Rest 30 seconds
  8. X cones – face forward touch cone (clockwise & anti) 4 x 30secs work : 30secs rest
  9. Jump on to box (20-30cms) 3x8, Rest 1min between sets
  10. Sprint jumps 3x10 each leg, Rest 1min between sets

Complete each exercise / drill before moving on to the next one.

Try to limit your rest in between sets to 30seconds.

Have 1 minute rest before moving on to the next exercise.

Bodyweight HIIT Circuit

  • Round 1: Work 30seconds, Rest 30seconds(8mins)
    • Rest 1 minute
  • Round 2: Work 30 seconds, Rest 20seconds (6.40mins)
    • Rest 1 minute
  • Round 3: Work 20 seconds, Rest 10seconds (4mins) Total 20mins
    1. Burpees
    2. Side plank
    3. Skaters
    4. Side plank
    5. Jump lunge
    6. Mountain climbers
    7. Glute Bridges
    8. Plank Jacks

You can download an ‘interval timer’ as an app on your phone for free

which makes for easy timekeeping.

Mobility and Flexibility Challenges

In addition to your mobility routine, which you should be incorporating as much as you can during the week, here are 2 new challenges to try as and when you can. Have a watch of the linked videos before completing them to ensure you are clear on the instructions.

  • Low Squat Sit 

Try and work towards 10 mins in this position and you will reap the benefits to your hip mobility and squat performance. It is a great skill to develop (one I am doing myself!) for your training and strength on skis. In addition there are also the invaluable benefits of Injury prevention with better alignment of the knees and ankles. Have a watch of these videos below for futher details in to the positioning and also the use of bands to assist you.

Stand in front of a wall; with your foot flat on the ground, flex your knee forward and touch the wall (repeat with other leg). Measure the distance between your toe and the wall. Ensure your knee doesn’t collapse in and moves forward in a straight line.


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